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Kinect Dicom Player:

Is a Simple Player to Navigate Throw DICOM Slices using Hand Gestures with the help of Microsoft Kinect.

What Is NUI:
NUI Natural User Interface) is new Concept that revolutionized the way that humans interacts with Machines. Its drops the concept of mouse for a better way that using human body and voice to navigate throw machine functionalities, by using a combination of Air-Gestures ,Hand Tracking and voice Commands the user interact with the program in a more unique way.
Still NUI is not perfect many programs, like this one; not compatible with some of its functionality.
This Program (Project) is amide to investigate a better way to overcome this limitation so that Dentists, Doctors and health providers can use it for free

Known Issues:
1) The UI is not 100% implemented (working on it)
2) Hand Stability is not accurate (working on it)
3) Panning is still one dimension (working on it)
4) VTK Overlaps the WPF screen, this is a compatibility issue in windows.
5) Some Extra-minor bugs (working on it)
6) Some Code Issue with Dominant hand feature
7) VTK Issues when dealing with JPEG files

How to use:
The current version a compressed as a Zip-7 format (in the near future a Setup file will be provided).
After unzipping the file create A DICOM Folder inside the Folder and place the DICOM Folder in it.
Double click on NuiDicomPlayer.exe file the program will ask you for the dominant hand by default it is the right hand.
Go to Load new DICOM Player Icon, after the New DICOM Window appear select the file (select any DICOM that is not compressed there is a Decoding issue within the VTK DICOM Reader).
After the File is loaded you can go to the Buttons to navigate throw the slides change brightness change the contrast, Zoom in, Zoom Out

The Current Build is Pre-release not recommended for General use, please Test it and provide me with Valuable feedback to
or submit an issue in the issue tracker portal

thank you for testing this application

Note New release is under planned

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